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Residencies program for 2022 fall sessions
at Bohemian Artists in Calcata
soon to be announced,

watch the space!


Residencies programs give artists and writers the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work.


Where study abroad programs afford young people the time and resources to focus on their work, we welcome artists of all levels and provide them a space where they can create a deep, meaningful and transitional impact on their life and work.


Hosted by Bohemian Artists, our residencies are curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer in Calcata, possibly the grooviest village in Italy, home to a wacky community of about 100 artists.




According to the New York Times, Calcata "may be the grooviest village in Italy, home to a wacky community of about 100 artists, bohemians and aging hippies."

Thirty-odd years ago, on the verge of disappearance, Calcata stirred back to life. In the 1930s, the Fascist government included the 16th-century town on a list of places too unstable to inhabit. A fault line might open up; the buildings might buckle. In the 1960s, at government expense, the village was abandoned and residents were given houses in a modern settlement up the hill. Calcata became a ghost town; it never did collapse.

Along came some pioneering hippies and artists in the 1970s. They bought the medieval buildings for a song and set up house. Some of the spaces revealed a secret bonus: Etruscan caves, dating from around 1050 B.C., where the primordial ooze of life was as palpable as the damp walls and ground, and where some artists carved out studios and homes. There was no water, no electricity, no central heating, and no cars allowed, but free love flowed, and with it the usual assortment of chemical diversions.

Our Curator Janet Steen visited Calcata back in 2011and wrote about it here ...

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The Writing Faculty program runs annually in tandem with the spring, summer, and fall residencies sessions. During this period, artists and writers in residence enrol for a minimum of one week up to several weeks with the option of one-on-one mentoring sessions that can be tailored to meet your writing goals. During the mentoring session you will receive a content-based and style-based critique (i.e. substantive and stylistic evaluation) of your submission to include content-driven and line-by-line feedback. The mentoring session will focus on the literary craft and possibly address potential avenues for publication.

Open Call for Artists and Writers, apply here!



Applications for the [sm]art residencies program are reviewed by a distinguished international Committee of curators, composed of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines with focus on Visual Art, Literature, Poetry, Photography, Public Art, Performance Art, Sculpture, Music, Opera, and Dance.



COVID-19 information for travelling from abroad can be found in English on the website of the Ministero della Salute!

- Travel Arrangements-

Enrolled Artists in Residence are solely responsible for their travel itinerary and any insurance coverage. Courtesy transfer shuttle for Rome airports (Fiumicino/Ciampino) or local train station on request. 


- Travel Expenses -

Most governments have grants to support artists and if you want to make use of such grants in your country, we are happy to assist you by writing an official [sm]art acceptance letter to help offset travel expenses.

- Solitude / Social -

Subject to the current COVID-19 protocol and restrictions, artists in residence can choose to work in solitude or in a social community setup. Self catering and community cooking with the full use of a shared kitchen facility is available. The shared kitchen facility is stocked with drinks, refreshments, and local groceries with Italian recipes to make breakfast (colazioni), lunch (pranzo), and dinner (cena) - either in solitude or in a social setup. Any special dietary requirements, please submit during your enrolment or prior to your artist in residence stay so it can be provisioned for timely to your specific needs.

Until we can work, dream, cook, and laugh together, stay safe everybody!

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