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Welcome to (sm)art curators, a non-profit initiative curating seasonal residencies, gallery exhibitions, and annual festivals, carefully curated by international distinguished compositions of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines.

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Three Seasons at Black Forest Farm by Karin F. Giusti

- (sm)art curators -

We are the (sm)art curators, curating seasonal residencies, gallery exhibitions, and annual festivals with focus on Visual Art, Literature, Poetry, Performance Art, Public Art, Photography, Opera, and Dance!

(sm)art residencies
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Open Call for emerging and established artists-in-residence with focus on Visual Art, Literature, and Poetry.

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(sm)art exhibitions

We make it easy for international collectors and art lovers to visit our exhibition space anytime, anywhere.

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(sm)art festivals

Dedicated to arts and culture. Be inspired by artists and creatives. Because the world needs them now more than ever!


(sm)art residencies

On the edge of the top-hill settlement Borgo Acquaiura at nearby Spoleto (Umbria), we have welcomed artists and writers at Casale Flaminia since 2018, providing an opportunity to work in quiet and inspiring surroundings in the company of fellow artists, writers, novelists, and poets.

More (sm)art venues soon to be announced in Calcata (Lazio), and Popoli (Abruzzo), watch the space!

Open call for artists and writers, please apply here.

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The (sm)art open call program is curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer at Borgo Acquaiura on the edge of the top-hill settlement Acquaiura built around the year of 1000 AD.


With the 14th century church San Michele Arcangelo standing at the highest point along the ancient Roman Flaminia route, leading directly to nearby Spoleto, city of art and culture listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, pre-dating Rome.

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(sm)art exhibitions

In partnership with Art Gate VR, we are exhibiting our artists beyond brick and mortar spaces in a virtual reality marketplace. Our aim is to make it easy for international collectors and art lovers to visit our exhibition rooms anytime, anywhere.


We look forward to meeting you at The Meta Biennale 18 Nov to 18 Dec 2021 a presto!

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Curating Virtual Reality Marketplace

We are exhibiting at THE META BIENNALE



Adi Atassi (Artworks) 

Rosie McGurran (Artworks)

Ingrid Christensen (Artworks)

Karin F. Giusti (Public Art)

Sam J. Grudgings (Protest Poetry)

Teresa Albor (Performance Art)

Gero Cacciatore (Fotografo)

Keith Thomson (City Photography)

Niaz Maleknia (Photo Journalism)

Dead Frogs (Experimental Music)

Riccardo Meneghini (Dance)

Come and visit us at the lobby of Art Gate a presto!

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(sm)art festivals

Responding to the pandemic lockdown in Feb 2021, we launched our first edition festival, curated by a distinguished international community of artists, curators, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines. 


"We travelled around the world in a digital way, until we can restart something that is in our human nature: the arts, the culture, the cinemas, the social, the travel, the discovery, the dreaming ..." - Vitor Pereira -

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