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In partnership with Art Gate VR, we are exhibiting our artists beyond brick and mortar spaces in a virtual reality arts community and marketplace. Our aim is to make it easy for international collectors and art lovers to visit our exhibition rooms in true reality, and virtual reality anytime, anywhere.


We look forward to meeting you at The Meta Biennale 18 Nov to 19 Dec 2021. Thanks to the generous support of one of our patrons, our exhibition spaces will stay open until the end of February 2022 coinciding with the second edition of our festival, a presto!

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We are exhibiting at THE META BIENNALE


Five [sm]art exhibition rooms


Adi Atassi (Fine Art. Room I & II) 

Rosie McGurran (Fine Art. Room I & III)

Ingrid Christensen (Artworks. Room I)

Karin F. Giusti (Public Art. Room I)

Sam J. Grudgings (Protest Poetry. Room I)

Teresa Albor (Performance Art. Room I)

Gero Cacciatore (Fotografo. Room IV)

Keith Thomson (City Photography. Room IV)

Niaz Maleknia (Photo Journalism. Room IV & V)

Dead Frogs (Experimental Music. Room I)

Riccardo Meneghini (Dance. Room I)

Come and visit us at the lobby of Art Gate, a presto!

Exhibition spaces will stay open until the end of Feb 2022 coinciding with the Second Edition Festival, a presto!

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Welcome / Benvenuti

To enter the Art Gate Lobby, you can download Art Gate

onto your VR headset or computer here


Introduction tour by Brendon Mc Naughton, Co-founder and CEO of Art Gate VR.

Curated by

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in smart partnership with

Art Gate VR